TEAP – The Test for Aviation PersonellSAMSUNG

We offer the test for Aviation Personell (TEAP) which evaluates the language proficiency by ensuring that that there are clear radio communications which to comply with ICAO language proficiency requirements.

The International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO), grades English Language proficiency on a scale of 2 to 6, being levels 4 (operational), 5 (extended) and 6 (expert). Is is in the interest of these professionals to have their endorsements up to date, as the ICAO level 4 expires every three years.

ICAO Document 9835 and circular 323 include listening and speaking evaluations in the context of routine and non routine events. These tests have the objective of defining safe radiotelephony communication.

We offer tests for Commercial, Helicopter and Private Pilots, each test being specific to that flying endorsement.

Information about the test